During the years I have spent here I got the impression that Colorado falls are rather mild, you could almost still call them summer, just less hot. (I mentioned a thing about kinda melting during summer in Colorado in THIS POST, it really gets hellishly hot here.) Not this year, though. We have unusually strong winds, the leaves turned color and started falling off the trees and drifting in the gusts earlier than the past years, it is cold, not just sometimes but almost usually now - the past few milder, almost summery days were a pleasant surprise and most likely one of the last chances that we will have this year to sport bare legs for one more time. And so I did. 

During the years I have spent here I got the impression that Colorado falls are rather mild, y...

Nothing soothes your soul and body more than some homecooked soup - huddling inside chased by cold winds that carry leaves and the notion of nearing winter, feeling the cozy warmth of home and smelling soul-warming food - you can't beat that. Soups are not just tasty, filling and heat you from the inside, they are easy to make and create little dishes to wash, after all you only need one pot. Hubby loves the cheesy potato and bacon soup they serve at Texas Roadhouse - we go there pretty regularly - and always orders it when we eat there, so I figured I'ld surprise him by recreating it. 
If you like potato soup and bacon and cheese, you will love this soup - it's hearty and filling and pretty quickly and easy to prepare.

Nothing soothes your soul and body more than some homecooked soup - huddling inside chased by ...

It's already October - well, that's not really news anymore, ok, ok - and this is my favorite time of the year, summer ending, fall announcing that winter is upon us. 
For the longest time I always believed I was a summer person - I mean, come on, summer, right? Sun, travel, fun, late summer evenings thanks to the longer days, more sun, summer fun, swimming, beach volleyball and mini skirts! Awesome! 
Here in Colorado this translates into this: sun burning so hot you feel like you're melting - you don't want to have any summer fun at all, you want to crawl into your fridge and come back out when it has cooled down. Depressing heat that envelopes everything and makes you lazy... 

Summer fashion like cute sundresses and strappy heels? Maybe once a week, MAYBE, because 99% of the time it's too hot for clothes of any kind and you wish you could just stay naked and since that is not really an option for anyone beyond the age of about 5 - I at least decided to melt away in comfy clothes - flip flops over strappy heels in 100 degree weather is the smarter choice, just trust me. 
Cool summer makeup looks? More like: Am I ok? I think, my face is melting... Which again resulted in scurrying through bags, looking for a mirror or simply hastily making your way to the bathroom, terrified that you've been sitting around at Starbucks looking like Paris Hilton in "House of Wax" only to find that (thanks to amazing primer, proper technique, and good setting mists) your face is perfectly in place, it just FEELS like you're melting underneath all that stuff. Or you simply forget that you have makeup on (or don't have any other choice) and wipe away the waterfalls of sweat and half of your face with that, too. SPF, tons of SPF and maybe some BB cream, mascara and brow powder, MAYBE - actually, in 90 - 100 degrees, I still opted for SPF, everything else was pushing it.

Summer fun: sure, if you want to have a heat stroke - I did mention the whole melting danger, right? Yet, you still have the notion that you should be out, experiencing something, doing something, after all, it's summer. 

I do prefer fall, it's my favorite season, the last few years that became clearer and clearer. 
It is just not that hot anymore!!! 
Fall in Colorado is very mild, it rarely rains and it only gets really cold during the nights, the days still are rather warm, especially with the sun still out almost all the time - it barely ever gets cloudy here, either. And I have to admit, this has its upsides - all the summer outfits are almost always still wearable in fall here, with a little alteration for milder temperatures here and there, makeup is a blast: no heat but also no rain that could mess with your makeup, your face doesn't feel like it is melting all the time anymore, which is nice, too.
Even though I have to admit, I kinda miss "German" fall, which is full of rain, gloomy, clouded days, fog, more rain and wind that hurdles the leaves on the ground into mesmerizing dances. 

Weather like this is simply cozy, no matter if you experience the perfect Indian Summer or a gloomy, cold, wet fall. Tea and hot chocolate, comfort food (another advantage fall has over summer, who can eat in that heat?), pumpkin spice and cinnamon, warm scents, Halloween, tons of horror movies that get released right at this time, all the awesome TV shows are coming out of summer break (The Walking Dead, Empire, etc.). 
Fall is the time to get cozy, cuddle up and calm down a little bit, life gets a little more quiet, the days shorter, the evenings and nights longer, the whole world seems to slow down a little bit, which I enjoy a lot. 
But fall is also my go time: I do most outfits and makeups in fall, I love fall colors and fall fashion, the heat gone feels like a heavy blanket lifted so I can move again, not just my body, but also my brain. I am more creative, more active, get more done, my mind wakes up from the summer laziness as if the fresh breezes of fall were invigorating even my brain cells. 
And last but not least: horror movies! Yes, this is a very good reason to love fall, what do you mean?! I relish horror movies, it's my favorite genre and with Halloween just around the corner, most new horror movies of the whole year come out in fall - hence, yeah, I love fall. 

What's your favorite season of the year? 

Do you like fall and if so, what are your most appreciated aspects of the season? 

It's already October - well, that's not really news anymore, ok, ok - and this is my...

It's not like I am not slightly Batman obsessed, not at all! 
The first edition first print comics from the 60s that cost a fortune and that I had to fight (not physically of course) for at ComicCon? IDK what these are... 
The Batman figures and collectibles? Hubby’s... Not mine... Never... 
The Batman tattoo on my arm? 
Ok, ok, yes, I am maybe a little bit of a Batman fanatic, I watch the show, like the original one, with Adam West - yes, the weird mayor from Family Guy - I collect stuff, Batman is simply amazing. 
So the current GOTHAM GIRLS limited edition at Walgreens is right up my alley and I couldn't help myself, I HAD to buy at least the beauty books, for Batman collection purposes... 

The limited edition focuses on three Gotham City heroines: Batgirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn and comprises the beauty books, brush sets, lip balm, nail polish, lip gloss, eyeshadow and blush palette, makeup bags and accessories and more and is currently available at your local Walgreens store. 
Whenever I see a limited edition like that, I will at least get the beauty books, they are the coolest items, very collectible and decorative as well. Oh, and you can use them, too, of course - quality is usually rather good. 
The books cost $12 each, there are three of them, a Batgirl one, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. They are not only designed differently, the eyeshadow selection varies as well as the added products, too. 

Batgirl Beauty Book 

  • 9 eyeshadows - colors: white, gold, yellow, blues, grey, black (Heroine, Justice, Alter Ego, Batcycle, Fearless, Detective, Ally, Barbara, Vigilante 
  • blush - Courage 
  • Eyeshadow Primer - Protector of Gotham City 
  • Lip Gloss - Super Hero Red 
  • Eyeliner Pencil - Black as Night 
  • eyeshadow brush 
  • instructions for 1 daytime + 1 nighttime look 

Catwoman Beauty Book 

  • 9 eyeshadows - colors: tan, brown, purple, greens, black (Cat-Illac, Friendly Foe, Purr-Fect, Flirtatious, Jewel Thief, Cat and Mouse, Cat Mask, Whip, Catsuit) 
  • blush - Meow 
  • Liquid Eyeliner - Burglar 
  • Lip Gloss - Private Vault 
  • Eyeshadow Primer - Nine Lives 
  • eyeshadow brush 
  • instructions for 1 daytime + 1 nighttime look 

Harley Quinn Beauty Book 

  • 9 eyeshadows - colors: white, tan, reds, grey, black (Warped Mind, Crazed, Mayhem, Madness, Clowning Around, Puddin, Trickster, Mallet, Mistah J) 
  • blush - Mad Love 
  • highlighter - Playful 
  • Eyeliner Pencil - Arkham Asylum 
  • Lip Gloss - Hopeless Romantic 
  • eyeshadow brush 
  • instructions for 1 daytime + 1 nighttime look 

Each book is designed in the colors of the character and the costume colors are being picked up in the color palettes pretty well, too. The names of all colors remind of the comic books, which I like, there's a lot of attention to detail. 
These beauty books are a great addition to all beauty book collectors as well as Batman fanatics and Gotham junkies. 

How do you like the beauty books? 
Did you spot them already, too? 
Are you planning on getting one? 
Feel free to leave a comment, have a great day, sparkle on! 

It's not like I am not slightly Batman obsessed, not at all!  The first edition fir...